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Providing Support for Young Adults with Cancer: A Caregiver’s Perspective


Caring for a loved one battling cancer is never easy, and when that loved one is a young adult facing this formidable adversary, the challenges can be particularly overwhelming. In this article, we’ll explore the unique needs of young adults with cancer and the crucial role caregivers play in their journey. We will also delve into the support networks available in Singapore to help both patients and caregivers navigate this difficult path.

Understanding the Unique Challenges

Young adults diagnosed with cancer often find themselves in a world that feels isolated and alien. The journey towards recovery takes a toll on their emotional well-being, and they face several distinctive challenges:

1. Emotional Isolation

Unlike older cancer patients, young adults with cancer often struggle to find emotional support among friends and family. Their peers may find it challenging to relate to the physical and emotional battles they’re facing. The isolation they feel can be emotionally taxing, leaving them wondering, “Why me?”

2. Disrupted Daily Life

The urgency and intensity of cancer treatments disrupt the daily routines of young adult patients. They spend a significant amount of time recovering from surgeries, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy. This disruption affects their ability to engage in conversations with friends, leading to a sense of loneliness.

3. Financial Burden

Young cancer survivors often lack the financial resources that older patients have accumulated over time. The costs associated with cancer treatment, medication, and hospitalization can be a heavy burden. Even with government schemes and subsidies in Singapore, patients may still face significant out-of-pocket expenses.

The Role of Caregivers

Caregivers play a pivotal role in the lives of young adults with cancer. They provide not only physical assistance but also emotional support during this challenging journey. Here’s how caregivers can make a difference:

1. Emotional Support

Caregivers can be a pillar of emotional strength for their loved ones. Listening, empathizing, and offering a shoulder to lean on can go a long way in easing the emotional burden.

2. Facilitating Communication

Caregivers can help bridge the gap between young cancer patients and their friends by facilitating communication. Encouraging open and supportive conversations can help maintain vital social connections.

3. Financial Guidance

Navigating the financial aspects of cancer treatment can be daunting. Caregivers can assist in exploring available financial assistance options, ensuring that the young adults receive the care they need without overwhelming financial stress.

Support Networks in Singapore

Recognizing the need for inter-patient peer support, Singapore has made strides in providing resources for young cancer patients and their caregivers:

1. National Cancer Centre Singapore

In 2018, the National Cancer Centre Singapore initiated an adolescent and young adult oncology support group, creating a safe space for young patients to connect without fear of stigmatization.

2. National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

This institute offers specific cancer support groups targeted at young patients diagnosed with various types of cancer. These support groups are open to young adult cancer patients or survivors, regardless of where they receive treatment.


Caring for young adults with cancer demands a special kind of understanding and support. Caregivers play a crucial role in providing emotional, social, and financial support to their loved ones. Recognizing the unique challenges that young cancer patients face and the pivotal role caregivers play in their journey is essential for creating a supportive environment.

As we navigate the complexities of cancer care, we can find strength in community, support, and compassion. By working together, we can ensure that young adults facing cancer in Singapore receive the care and understanding they truly need. Together, we can make their journey a little less daunting, one step at a time.

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