CareConnect by SG Assist

CareConnect offers an integrated solution to resolve the overwhelming demands currently faced by Social Services

CareConnect supports Social Services Agencies (SSAs) in emerging stronger in a Covid-impacted new normal by adopting technologies, optimising resource utilisation and improving productivity.

24/7 Support with Tech & Contact Centre

Effective Outreach & Communication

Increase Capacity of Social Workers

Is your organisation facing these challenges?

senior and pwd not visited much
connecting client that are not tech savvy

We understand your challenges

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a stress test for the social services workforce, exacerbating the vulnerabilities of seniors in terms of their experiences with isolation and loneliness, caregiving needs, and access to health and social care services.

In line with the Social Services Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST), CareConnect aims to provide SSAs, especially Senior Activity Centres (SACs) in transitioning to Active Ageing Centres (AACs) in the following ways:

Envision the ability to offer your clients with 24 hours support

CareConnect leverages smart home technologies to promptly detect emergency situations. enabling us to provide timely assistance to our elderly clients. Our 24/7 contact centre is always on standby to assess and escalate any emergency situations, ensuring that our clients always receive the necessary support when they need it most.

We help you overcome the challenges by supporting your organisation, clients and social workers

Let us show you how CareConnect can help your organisation

To support your digitalisation journey, we are currently offering complimentary one-to-one consultation sessions to contextualise your needs, recommend solutions and grant applications